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Blueprint Joinery Newsletter

Our Stop Chamfered Decking will give your Garden Decking a stylish and modern look. The Decking Spindles and Newel Posts have each of their edges chamfered away which creates a wonderfully simple yet contemporary look. Our Stop Chamfer Decking Spindles & Square Decking Newels which can be used with one of two different Decking Handrail designs.

If the design is not quite what you're looking for we also offer a Square Decking Spindles or a Reeded Decking Spindles with two simple flutes on each face which still offers a contemporary look.

Our Stop Chamfered Decking offers a choice of Decking Handrails. Our standard Decking Handrail features a simple yet attractive design and comes with a carrying fillet to which you fit the Decking Spindles to before screwing the fillet onto the base of the rail.

We also offer a Universal Decking Handrail where one rail is used as a carrying fillet which you screw though the top of and into your Decking spindles after which you fit another rail on top of this to cover the screws.

Our Softwood Timber Decking has been pressure treated with an outdoor preservative which will help the timber withstand the elements. This treatment process leaves a slight green tint to the timber which you can either leave as is or you can stain a different colour if desired.

You should re-treat your Garden Decking on a regular basis in order to maintain its appearance and stability.


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