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Blueprint Joinery Newsletter

Sometimes using Decking Spindles alone can look a little plain or repetitive so if this is the case with your Garden Decking then why not mix things up by using one of our Timber Decking Panel designs alongside traditional spindles to create a slightly more elaborate look.

We offer two designs of Timber Decking Panels each with its own distinctive look and feel - a Sunburst Decking Panel and a Crosshatch Decking Panel.

Our Timber Decking Panels can be used with any of our range of Decking Spindles which each different Decking Spindles offering a different look when used alongside the Decking Panels.

Decking Spindles available to use are - Square Decking Spindles, Stop Chamfer Decking Spindles, Colonial Decking Spindles or Double Reeded Decking Spindles.

Our Softwood Timber Decking has been pressure treated with an outdoor preservative which will help the timber withstand the elements. This treatment process leaves a slight green tint to the timber which you can either leave as is or you can stain a different colour if desired.

You should re-treat your Garden Decking on a regular basis in order to maintain its appearance and stability.


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