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axxys Squared What Do I Need?

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axxys Chrome Squared Stairparts - 12 Step Straight Flight with a 2400mm Landing return

Buy the axxys squared 12 step and landing kit by clicking here

axxys Oak Handrail & Baserail Kits

You will need to measure your existing handrail to establish what length of rail to buy. Working on a straight flight of stairs we would recommend the axxys squared 4200mm handrail and Baserail Kit for the rake (up the stairs) and the axxys squared 2400mm handrail and baserail kit

The hand and base rails come complete with the fillet strips to fit between your chrome square spindles.

The handrail are cut to length and attached to the newel posts using the axxys chrome squared handrail connector. The base rail is simply cut to size and screwed to the staircase string from the top usig suitable woodscrews, always pre-drill a pilot hole and counter sink your screws so they can be hidden by the fillet strips and chrome spindles  

axxys Oak Square Newel Posts and Chrome Newel Caps

You have 3 choices when it comes to deciding what you want to do with your newel posts

  1. Keep existing newel posts but refurbish with a coat of paint, stain or varnish and complete with the axxys Solo Chrome and Oak Newel Cap
  2. Cut your existing newel posts down and insert a new Newel Post Top section. You will need to cut your existing post and drill out a 50mm hole to drop the new post in
  3. Replace the whole post with Complete 1500mm Newel Post. This is by far the most difficult of the 3 options and only advised if you are an experienced DIY'er of tradesman

You need to use a half post where the handrail meets the wall on the landing area. This half newe post is simply cut to length and secured to the wall. All posts can be finished with the axxys solo chrome and oak full or half newel cap.  

axxys Squared Chrome Handrail Connector

This universal chrome connector can be used on the newels at the bottom and top of the staircase as well as the landing half newel post. The axxys square chrome handrail connector pivots allowing the handrail to be securely connected to the newel posts.

After you have cut your handrail and baserail to length you will need to put a chrome stair spindle into the rail grooves, one at the top of the staircase and one at the bottom. This will give you your handrail height. You will need to dismantle the handrail connector so it is in two parts, secure one half to the newel post and the other half to the handrail then join the handrail connector back together

axxys Squared Chrome Stair and Landing Spindles

The axxys chrome spindles for the rake (up the stairs) are pre-cut and designed to slot straight into your pre-grooved hand and baserail. We recommend that you secure the spindles in place with either silicone or a flexible polymer adhesive. The fillet strips come with the handrail and will need to be cut and secured in place between the spindles with the same adhesive.

The landing spindles are supplied pre-cut ready for installation. Again secure the fillet strips and spindles in place with a suitable silicone or flexible polymer adhesive.

Remember spindles cannot be spaced more than 100mm apart to conform to UK Building Regulations. Space the spindles evenly using 118mm centres to give you a gap of 99mm

If you need help with your axxys squared parts list just give us a ring on Oswestry 01691 671020

Download the axxys Squared Fitting Guide

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