Solid Oak Richmond Glass Ledged Cottage Door

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Solid Oak Richmond Glass Opening Ledged Cottage Doors are manufactured in our workshop in Oswestry from solid white Oak planks . Supplied un-glazed with glass bead -  Select a door size, timber grade and profile from the options below

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Solid Oak Richmond Ledged Cottage Door

Our collection of naturally beautiful cottage doors are manufactured in our workshop in Oswestry from quality, 20mm solid white Oak planks, adding character to any room.

Richmond Doors are supplied un-glazed with glass bead.

Our ledged doors are made up of 20mm vertical planks and 20mm horizontal planks that run from edge to edge. All doors are supplied with a 300mm optional lock block for fitting door furniture.

Full-width ledges are standard, however, please contact us if you need the horizontal ledges pulling in from the edge of the door. There is no extra cost for this service. Ledges are glued and pinned into position, however, we can also drill, screw and plug if required, please contact us on (01691) 671020 or via our Contact Us page with this request.

We offer 3 grades of timber (Rustic Grade, Character Grade and Prime Grade) and 2 types of profile (v-groove or bead and butt) across four different standard size doors:

  • 78" x 24" (1981mm x 610mm)
  • 78" x 27" (1981mm x 686mm)
  • 78" x 30" (1981mm x 762mm)
  • 78" x 33" (1981mm x 838mm)

We also offer a made to measure service which means that non-standard door sizes can be manufactured to your specification, please contact one of our sales team on (01691) 671020 or via our Contact Us page for more information and to make an order.

We offer a made to measure service at Blueprint Joinery. Please get in touch today.

Each standard size cottage door has its own specific plank widths which are made up of the following:

Door Size Planks
1981mm x 610mm 4 planks all measuring 152mm
1981mm x 686mm 5 planks all measuring 136mm
1981mm x 762mm 5 planks all measuring 151mm
1981mm x 838mm 6 planks all measuring 138mm

The doors are constructed using 20mm vertical planks that are fixed to 20mm x 145mm horizontal ledges. Small gaps are left between each vertical plank to allow the door planks to move freely stopping any potential twisting or bowing.

All timbers used are internal grade kiln dried to a moisture content of between 8 and 10% ideal for the usual dwelling. It is important to remember that any wet trades must be thoroughly dried out before introducing the doors into the environment as untreated doors will absorb moisture rapidly.

There are three types of timber grade that you can choose from:

Rustic Grade White Oak

Rustic Grade Oak doors typically display large knots and may contain some or all the following;

  • Splits
  • Dead black knots
  • Worm track
  • Rough spots
  • Shakes in the timber
  • Timber grain variation.

Rustic Grade Oak panels may contain large knots, splits, dead black knots, worm track, rough spots, shakes in the timber and timber grain variation.

Character Grade White Oak

Character Grade Oak doors typically display small knots and may contain some or all the following;

  • Small splits
  • Shakes in the timber
  • Sound dead black knots
  • Timber grain variation.

Character Grade Oak panels may contain small knots, small spits, shakes in the timber, sound dead black knots and timber grain variation.

Prime Grade White Oak

Prime Grade Oak doors may contain some or all the following:

  • Sound knots (up to 8mm)
  • Timber grain variation.

Prime Grade Oak panels may contain sound knots and slight grain variation.

Please note we do not allow any holes through the timber where daylight may be seen through. Also, please be aware that the timber we use is a natural product and grain and colour variation can occur in individual planks, however we do select timber as we manufacture the doors, so planks are colour matched as close as possible.

There are also two types of decorative profile that you can choose from which help prevent the door from warping:


Below are examples of a v-groove profile which are used inbetween the Oak panels to connect them together.

An example of a v-groove Oak door profile.

Bead And Butt

Below are examples of a bead and butt profile which are used inbetween the Oak panels to connect them together. Unlike v-groove, you'll notice that the panels are further apart making for a more distinct design.

An example of a bead and butt Oak door profile.


Solid Oak Richmond Ledged Doors

  • 20mm vertical planks 1981mm in length
  • 20mm x 145mm horizontal ledges
  • Unglazed
  • Comes with a 300mm Lock Block and glass bead
  • Available in either a v-groove or bead and butt profile
  • All doors are supplied unfinished
  • Ledges pinned and glued.


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