KwikStairs Staircase

The KwikStairs staircase range of products is a revolutionary wooden stair kit solution which uses a carefully designed template to make it possible for any DIY'er or builder to construct a staircase to fit and suit any interior scenario. Delivered as a flat pack, KwikStairs can easily be installed in a short amount of time.

As quoted on the KwikStair website, "You take your staircase to the site, and by using the template supplied with all of the prepared components, you assemble your staircase. A straight flight has been assembled and fitted in less than two hours! You then fit your staircase into your opening. Your stairs are ready to use. How easy is that?".

Where To Start?

Please read our in-depth blog post here or check out the official brochure here for all the information you need on using KwikStairs in your home. All the KwikStair products can be found below.

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