W4 Hardwood Room Divider

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The Hardwood W4 Room Divider is supplied  finished ready to hang - See below for information on all the components that are included in this purchase

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W4 Hardwood Room Divider

Internal French doors are the perfect room divider, letting in the light and having the option to open up your living space or shut the rooms off those cosy times

This traditional room divider will be sure to provide a warm and inviting environment within your home whilst still letting light through between rooms

All room dividers come complete with frame pack, door leaves and installation instructions. Please be aware that the hardware pack is not included with this door, you will be required to purchase that separately

The W4 Hardwood Room Divider is supplied Finished

You can download the latest LPD Internal and External Door Brochure from here

W4 Hardwood Room Divider Components

External Dimensions 2031mm High x 1246mm Wide
Component Dimensions (mm) No. of Pieces
1 Centre Doors 8L/1P Curved Head 35 x 579 x 1981 2
2 Frame Set Lining Head 35 x 133 x 1246 1
3 Frame Set Lining Jamb 35 x 133 x 2006 2
4 Door Stop 13 x 45 x 1176 1
5 Door Stop 13 x 45 x 1996 2
6 "T" Stop 30 x 45 x 1981 1


W4 Hardwood Room Divider

  • Finished Oak
  • Clear Bevelled glass
  • Components and measurements can be found above in the Summary section

You can download the latest LPD Internal and External Door Brochure from here

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