Axxys Origin Newel Turnings - Select Timber and Type

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Clearance item Contemporary AXXYS Origin Timber Newel Post. For use with the AXYYS newel post to newel base connector to fix to new or existing newel bases. Supplied Pre Finished in Clear Satin Lacquer Select Timber and Newel Turn Type 

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AXXYS Origin Newel Turnings 

AXXYS Turned Stair Newel post with spigot dowel can be used with existing old posts or new Newel Bases. 

You will need to purchase the following parts to complete one Full Newel Post 

  • Newel Base (Unless you are using existing Newels)
  • Metal Newel Base To Newel Turning Connector 
  • Metal Newel Post Ball Cap 

Choose from the following Timbers

  • Pine
  • Oak

Select which Metal Finish you like from Brushed Nickel or Chrome Newel post and handrail fittings with matching spindles

The Posts come with a small spigot dowel on the top of the newel post, this is for the AXXYS Ball Cap to fit over. We recommend using a hard setting adhesive such as Gripfill to fix the cap onto the top of the newel post

This AXXYS Origin Newel Post has been designed to fit to a new or existing newel base using the AXXYS Base Connector. Instructions on fitting the newel post can be downloaded from the Specification Tab above or by clicking this link to AXXYS ORIGIN FITTING INSTRUCTIONS

Newel posts are supplied in Two designs, each with it specific purpose on a staircase

The AXXYS Origin Full Newel with one square block. This is the most commonly used post on most stair configurations. It is designed for the bottom of the stair case, top of the staircase, used as mid posts and corner posts on a landing. 

The AXXYS Origin Intermediate Newel with a double block. This is used when the staircase turns through 90 degrees and goes up in height. The handrail will go from the full newel up this this intermediate newel hitting the bottom block. The handrail will then leave from the top block and continue up the staircase 

The AXXYS Origin Range does not include a half newel post; a wall Rosette is used to finish the handrail to a wall.

AXXYS Origin Parts Guide 

  • Fit the newel bases or prepare your existing newels 
  • Fit the AXXYS Origin AXBC Newel Base Connector using the fixing provided 
  • Fit the AXXYS Origin Newel Turning to the connector 
  • Handrails are fitted to the Newel Turning using the AXUH Handrail to Newel Connector 
  • Fit your AXPAT Patrice / Rosette to the wall and the handrail to the Patrice using the AXCO Slim Connector. AXUH Connectors can be used if desired 
  • Use the AXQT Horizontal 90° turn on the landing post to come back across the landing, AXCO Slim Connector may be required to connect the handrail to the newel between the post and the Horizontal Turn 
  • Spindles are screwed to the Rails using the fixings provided (Always drill pilot holes in the rails before screwing) 

Staircase Building Regulations 

Handrail heights on the staircase are measured from the front bullnose of a step to the top of the handrail.

Spindles must not allow a sphere 100mm in diameter to pass between two spindles 

If you are unsure, please contact us or your building inspector for new builds 

Free Planning Service

Not sure what you need for your stairs?

Send us a plan or photographs of your stairs and we will be happy to work out the parts you need and supply you with a quote. Call 01691 671020 or email


AXXYS Origin Newel Turnings 

AXXYS Origin Newel Post 

  • Single Headed Post 
  • Supplied Pre-Finished in Clear Satin Varnish 
  • Overall Measurements 80mm x 80mm x 750mm
  • Bottom Spigot Dowel Measures 80mm
  • Turned Section Measures 442mm
  • Top Square Block Measures 200mm
  • Top Cap Spigot Dowel Measures 28mm

AXXYS Origin Intermediate Newel Turning 

  • Double Headed Post 
  • Supplied Pre-Finished in Clear Satin Varnish 
  • Overall Measurements 80mm x 80mm x 740mm
  • Bottom Spigot Dowel Measures 80mm
  • Turned Section Measures 182mm
  • Bottom Square Block Measures 215mm
  • Gap between Block 20mm
  • Top Square Block Measures 215mm
  • Top Cap Spigot Dowel Measures 28mm


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