Contemporary Forge Oak and Metal Spindles

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Contemporary Forge spindles are designed to fit into any 41mm Grooved handrail. These are only available in Oak with either Chrome or Brushed Metal finish, Select Chrome or Bushed Nickel from the options

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Contemporary Forge Stair Spindles


Deigned to be used with any handrail with a 41mm groove allowing you the freedom to create your own contemporary stair balustrade.

The Contemporary Forge system can fit onto any newel post with a flat face, so you can leave your newels in place and just replace the spindles and rails refurbishing your staircase in a matter of hours.

Contemporary Forge Stair Balustrade is a stunning solution for those who like to use traditional stair parts, but want a more modern look and feel.

Contemporary Forge Spindle Range

Select from the following timber and metal spindle combinations

  • Contemporary Forge Oak and Chrome Spindle (900mm Length)
  • Contemporary Forge Oak and Brushed Nickel Spindle (900mm Length)

900mm Spindles are used on domestic Stairs and Landings where Building Regulations state a handrail height need to be a minimum of 900mm

Use 900mm Spindles on your staircase if replacing old for new

Fitting Contemporary Forge Spindles Guide

Download the full fitting instructions from within the Specification TAB above or by Clicking BALUSTRADE FITTING INSTRUCTIONS

Newel Posts are fitted first followed by base rails and handrails.

When fitting spindles to your stair case you must first find the angle of the stairs, this can be achieved using a sliding bevel or angle finder.

Cut your spindles top and bottom to the right angle and length. Try each spindle between the hand and base rail sliding it from the bottom of the staircase to the top. This will ensure any rail run-out will be allowed for.

Once all of your spindles are cut you will need to cut your spindle spacers from the fillet strip provided in our rails. This is cut at the same angle as the stairs making sure that the spindles are spaced no more 99mm apart.

Start at the bottom of the staircase and insert the first spacer followed by a spindle. We suggest dry fitting all of your spindles and spacers before fixing into place then bed all spindles and spindle spacers on PVA wood adhesive. We recommend pinning the spindles in place, panel pins should be inserted below the level of the spindle spacer so the spacer will hide the head of the panel pin. 

Counter sink any panel pin heads showing on the spindle spacer into the timber and fill with a matching wood filler

Follow the same procedure for the landing spindles 

Staircase Building Regulations 

Handrail heights on the staircase are measured from the front bullnose of a step to the top of the handrail.

Spindles must not allow a sphere 100mm in diameter to pass between two spindles 

If you are unsure, please contact us or your building inspector for new builds 

Free Staircase Planning Service 

If you need help understanding what components you need for your staircase then contact us on 01691 691020 or email us a rough plan of your stairs including any photographs and handrail lengths to and we will get a quote together for you 


Contemporary Forge Spindles 

900mm x 41mm x 41mm 

  • Bottom Timber Section 41mm x 41mm x 230mm
  • Middle Metal Tube Section 440mm
  • Top Timber Square Section 41mm x 41mm x 230mm


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