BASICS Oak Stair Cladding Riser 1000mm

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White Oak Faced MDF Riser Board for use with Basics and Solid oak Stair Tread. Supplied unfinished to match our White Oak Stair Parts

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BASICS Oak Stair Cladding Riser

Oak Faced MDF Risers for use with the Basics and Solid Oak Range of Stair Cladding

Basics Oak Stair Cladding has been designed to cover your existing softwood stairs with oak treads and risers, giving the impression of a solid oak staircase

Manufactured from the same materials as our range of White Oak Stair Parts so you can refurbish your entire staircase with matching materials

Each Stair Tread measures 1000mm wide x 250mm deep x 22mm Thick Solid Engineered White Oak 4mm Top and Bottom wear layer with an Oak Core. This construction makes the product very stable ensuring it does not twist or bend before or after installation

Basics Stair Cladding Treads are used with 10mm Risers to cover your existing Steps.

Each Stair Riser measures 1000mm wide x 230mm high. x 10mm Thick Engineered White Oak Solid White Oak Top and Bottom Layer with MDF Core

BASICS Stair Cladding must be stuck down to your existing steps using polymer adhesive

Where To Use BASICS Stair Cladding


If you have a small mid landing area, then you will need to use extension boards to cover your existing floor. The treads are supplied with a groove on the back edge to allow the tongue and groove extension boards to slot into them. Extension Boards are 1000mm Wide x 235mm Deep.

To calculate the Number of Extension Boards Required measure the depth of your landing area and deduct the tread 250mm, this will leave the area to be covered by Extension Boards.

For example, 1000mm deep landing less the tread @ 250mm = 750mm. Then divide the remaining area by 235mm (Extension board) 750mm / 235mm = 3.19 We would recommend rounding up to ensure full coverage, therefore in this instance you will need to buy 4 Basics Stair Cladding Extension Boards.

Winder Staircases 

If you have a Winder Staircase then you can usually use Basics 1000mm Treads and Risers with an extension board at the back of the tread, however if you have a Kite Winder (Diamond Shape) Step then you may Have to buy the BASICS Kite Winder Stair Cladding Kit which is supplied with 1500mm Treads & Risers with an Extension Board

Top Landing

For the very top landing we recommend finishing with a riser to the top and if carpet is being laid, wrap the carpet over the existing top nosing and finish against the riser. If you are laying a floor then we can supply a small Top Landing Tread machined to the thickness of your chosen flooring.

To request a free sample of our Basics Stair Cladding please email Blueprint Joinery with you name and address.

Please note sample boards are offcuts and may be from reject boards, they are to show the timber and style that can be achieved by using Basics Stair Cladding Materials.

BASICS Stair Cladding Coverage

To calculate the coverage of the treads you need to measure the distance of your existing tread nosing back to the riser underneath the tread. This measurement needs to be added to the Basics Riser thickness (10mm) and the Basics Tread to the riser groove (230mm). This will give you the maximum size that the BASICS Range will cover .... See instruction images

Example ...

Existing nosing protrusion = 15mm

Basics Riser Thickness = 10mm

Basics Tread to riser groove 230mm

Maximum Coverage of the system = 15 + 10 + 230 = 255mm 

If your existing tread measured from the front of the riser to the front of the rounded nosing is 255mm or less then this system will clad your existing stair case

Once you have calculated that the Basics Range is suitable for your stairs you simply cut the treads & risers to size and stick them in place the polymer adhesive

Finishing BASICS Stair Cladding

Product is supplied sanded ready for your chosen finish; we recommend that you apply an initial coat of your chosen finish before installation followed by a top finishing coat after installation

We recommend using OSMO Oil, hardwearing clear oil suitable for Solid Oak Floors - Osmo can be seen and purchased by following this link OSMO CLEAR OIL

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact our sales office on 01691671020 or email

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Basics Stair Cladding Instructions manual from here


Basics Stair Cladding Oak Riser

1000mm x 230mm x 10mm

  • White Oak Faced MDF
  • 10mm Riser Board
  • Suitable for use with Basics and Solid White Oak Cladding
  • Matches White Oak Stair Parts

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Basics Stair Cladding Instructions manual from here

Stair Cladding Fitting Instructions.pdf

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