Solid Oak Stair Cladding Top Landing Tread

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Solid Oak Top Tread for use with Basics or Solid Oak Stair Cladding. Top Landing Tread is 1000mm Wide and is supplied to match the thickness of the stair cladding range you buy. Bespoke thicknesses are avaiable on request

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Solid Oak Stair Cladding Top LandingTread

Can be used with BASICS STAIR CLADDING or SOLID OAK CLADDING - Used at the very top of your stairs to connect to landing flooring.

This system fits over your existing staircase treads & risers to convert it to a solid oak look. Reconditioning your stairs may sound challenging, but with the new Contract range of readymade 20mm Solid Oak stair treads and risers it couldn’t be easier, just cut to size and stick over your existing treads. Our range has everything you need to clad most configurations of staircases including straight flights, open treads, winder flights and quarter landings. The product has been designed to be as simple as possible with minimal preparatory work required. Simply remove your existing stair covering, sand any major unevenness, cut your treads to size and glue them in place with a polymer adhesive.

Top Landing Stair Tread

1 x 20mm Solid Oak Tread with Bullnose x 70mm (deep) x 1000mm (wide)

This is supplied to match the thickness of the Cladding range you buy by default, however we can machine this top tread to match any flooring thickness you may have on the landing. Minimum 12mm maximum 22mm

Stair Tread Fitting and Finishing

Please note that this item is supplied unfinished and will need to be oiled or varnished after installation. Please ensure that the timber is left in the room it is being fitted for 48 hours to acclimatise before installation. Ensure that all wet trades have been fully completed and thoroughly dried out before exposing the solid oak stair treads and risers to the environment.

Solid Oak Stair Cladding Fitting Instructions

Before you start your stair cladding installation please read the instructions fully and contact us if you have any queries.

  1. Before you start, ensure that your existing steps and riser boards are clean, dry and free from uneven defects. We suggest you thoroughly sand the steps to ensure you get a good sound base for your new Stair Cladding Treads and Riser
  2. Measure the existing bullnose protrusion from the existing riser board to the furthest point of the bullnose on the existing step. You can then cut packing strips from timber that will push the bottom of the Stair Klad Riser board out and in line with the end of your bullnose. We suggest that these packing strips are screwed into place for stability.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the staircase, measure and cut two Stair Risers to size and glue them onto the packing strips using . The top of the riser will be held in place by the Stair Klad Tread.
  4. Measure the depth and width and cut a Stair Tread to size. Apply a 10mm bead of Flexible Polymer Adhesive to the top of your existing step
  5. Press the Stair Tread onto the glue firmly ensuring the Stair Riser fits securley into the groove on the bottom of the Stair Tread
  6. Continue up the stairs fitting riser boards first and the treads.
  7. If you reach a mid-landing or have large Kite Winder Steps then you will need to use the Stair Extension Boards. Fix the Stair tread and any ajoining riser boards first then cut the extension boards to size, Apply a good amount of polymer adhesive and push the boards together until the area is covered.

Once fitted the treads and risers will need to be finished with a good quality hardwood Osmo oil or varnish.

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


Solid Oak Stair Cladding Top Landing Tread

Measures 1000mm x 70mm x 22mm or 20mm

  • Solid White Oak
  • Unfinished
  • For use with Basics and Solid Oak Cladding
  • Matches the stair part oak ranges

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


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