90mm Rolling Pin Newel Post Cap Select Style

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Rolling Pin Newel post caps are designed to fit onto any of our Rope Twist, Classic Rolling Pin and Fluted Rolling Pin newel post - Select either Ball or Acorn Caps - Available in Pine and Oak, however if you require a different timber type

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90mm Newel Post Caps 

Use the drop down boxes above to select the Cap design and Timber Type.

Turned Stair Newel post Caps with spigot dowel can be used with existing newel posts or with new newel posts. 

This spigot dowel type cap has been designed to drop into a newel post top with a spigot hole measuring 38mm in diameter.

We have 2 Styles of Rolling Pin Newel Post caps available 

Acorn Caps

Ball Caps

Fitting 90mm Turned Newel Post Caps 

When fitting to new newel posts simply glue the spigot dowel on the cap into the pre-drilled hole on the top of the newel post. 

If you are fitting to an existing post then drill a hole 38mm wide and 35mm deep then glue the cap using a sutable wood glue 

Staircase Building Regulations 

Handrail heights on the staircase are measured from the front bullnose of a step to the top of the handrail.

Spindles must not allow a sphere 100mm in diameter to pass between two spindles 

If you are unsure please contact us or your building inspector for new builds 

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


90mm Rolling Pin Newel Post Caps 

Acorn Newel Post Caps Measure 125mm high 

Ball Newel Post Caps Caps Measure 100mm High 

Spigot dowels measure 38mm x 28mm 

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


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