Universal Timber Decking Handrails / Base Rail

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Universal decking rail system. The rail can be used as a handrail, base rail and capping rail. For 41mm, 32mm spindles and Decking Panels - Select the length of rail you need 

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Universal Timber Decking Rails

The universal rail system allows you to use the rail as a handrail, base rail and capping rail.

When using as a base rail you screw the spindles to the top of the rail from underneath, do not sit the spindles in the groove. This allow water to run off the rail and not collect in the groove. 

When using the rail as a top rail, screw the spindle to the rail from the top of the rail. The spindles sit in the groove.

When using the rail as a capping rail, sit the rail over the top rail covering the screw heads that hold the spindles in place. The capping rail is fixed to the handrail by screwing through the underside of the top rail into the underside of the capping rail

All softwood timber decking components have been pressure treated with tanlith-e outdoor preservative which turns the timber a slight green colour, This colour may not be consistent throughout the whole product therefore if a consistent look is desired this product will need to be stained after installation. All decking products are stored outdoors and may be delivered damp.

Treated Decking Balustrade Fitting Guide 

It is important to get a good solid fix to the joists with the newel posts, so ensure you plan your joist configuration to allow for handrail lengths no longer than 1795mm. Posts should be lap jointed to the joists and secured with suitable external coach screws or bolts. 

Treated Baluster handrails can be fixed to the newel posts using rail hangers or traditional mortise and tenon joints. Spindles are screwed to the side of the Baluster rail, always drill pilot holes when fixing into softwood timber

Traditional and Universal rails are fixed to the newel post using the decking handrail fixing kit or mortise and tenon joints.

Traditional Decking Rails are used as both a hand and base rail, spindles are fixed to the infill strip and then fixed into the grooved of the rail

Universal Rails are a 3 rail system, each rail can be used as a Top Rail, Bottom Rail and Capping Rail. Spindles are screwed to the rails and then rails are fixed to the newel posts. An additional rail acts as a capping rail to cover the screw heads holding the spindles.

American Spindles need to be drilled and screwed to the rail using suitable external screws. Ensure you drill pilot holes through the spindles and into the rail. Screwing straight through the spindles without a pilot hole will split the timber

Balustrade Capping Rails are fixed to the rail using suitable external screws from underneath. 

As standard, timber decking materials are made from softwood Scots Pine. There is a natural tendency as the timber weathers for there to be minor surface checking and splitting, caused by the variation in moisture content and the effects of wetting and drying out. These surface defects do not harm the decking structure. As with balustrades, decking should have a proprietary clear water repellent, semi-transparent seal or decking oil applied, for the sake of protection and enhancement. Make sure that the decking is dry before you start. Test by sprinkling drops of water over the surface and if the wood does not absorb the moisture let it dry out and retest before carrying out the work. Note that newly-laid decking should not have any finish applied until it has weathered properly. Add an end-seal preservative to any surface that has been exposed by drilling or cutting

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Universal Decking Rail 

The Universal Decking Handrails are available in the folowing sizes. Please choose the required length using the drop down menu above.

  • 1800mm x 63mm x 28mm
  • 2400mm x 63mm x 28mm


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