Stair Klad Oak Tread Extension 1220mm

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Clearance Stair  Klad is an engineered softwood board with a solid Oak wear layer, just like engineered flooring but for your stairs. Klad Treads, Risers and Extension Boards come lacquered in a clear satin finish. For use with pre grooved stair Klad Treads

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Stair Klad Engineered Oak Tread Extension 1220mm

Oak Stair Cladding for your Stairs.

Oak Stair Klad 1220mm tongue and grooved extension boards are used with the Oak Stair Klad 1000mm and 1500mm treads. Treads are pre-grooved to allow the extension boards and treads to fit neatly together.

Use 1000mm Treads for all standard steps up to 1000mm wide, simply cut your treads and risers to size and glue into position using polymer adhesive.

All Stair Klad Stair Cladding products are supplied pre-lacqured in a clear satin finish.

Cheshire Mouldings Oak Stair Klad System is the perfect way to clad and create the warm and inviting look of an oak staircase without the expense and trouble of replacing your existing staircase. 

Stair Klad 1000mm Tread and Riser Usage

1000mm Treads and risers are used to clad your existing steps and riser boards that are up to 1000mm wide. If your existing step is deeper than 300mm the you will need to use the extension boards.

We suggest you measure the width of your steps and buy the 1500mm treads and risers only if your step is wider than 1000mm. When cladding a winder step you may find that they are deeper than the 300mm Stair Klad Tread, all you need to do in this instance is purchase a tongue and groove Klad extension board that connects to the back of the pre-grooved tread, extending it to the full width of your existing winder step. 

Stair Klad Stair Cladding Fitting Guide

Before you start your stair cladding installation please read the instructions fully and contact us if you have any queries.

  1. Before you start, ensure that your existing steps and riser boards are clean, dry and free from uneven defects. We suggest you thoroughly sand the steps to ensure you get a good sound base for your new Stair Klad Treads and Risers
  2. Measure the existing bullnose protrusion from the face of the existing riser board to the furthest point of the bullnose on the existing step. You can then cut packing strips from timber that will push the bottom of the Stair Klad Riser board out and in line with the end of your bullnose. We suggest that these packing strips are screwed into place for stability.
  3. Starting at the Top of the staircase, measure and cut three Stair Klad Risers to size and glue them onto the packing strips using
  4. Measure the depth and width and cut a Stair Klad Tread to size. Apply a 10mm bead of Flexible Polymer Adhesive to the top of your existing step
  5. Press the Stair Klad Tread onto the Adhesive firmly ensuring the Stair Klad Riser fits securely into the groove on the bottom of the Stair Klad Tread
  6. Continue down the stairs fitting 3 riser boards first and then the treads.
  7. If you reach a mid-landing, then use the same method above but use Klad Extension Boards to cover the landing area. These are supplied with a tongue and groove on the long edges that slot into the back edge of the tread.
  8. If you have large Kite Winder Steps, then you may need to use the 1500mm wide Stair Klad Treads and Risers with Stair Klad Extension Boards. You can usually use 1000mm Treads and Risers with Extension Boards for triangular shaped winders no wider than 1000mm
  9. Fix the stair Klad treads and any joining riser boards first then cut the extension boards to size, apply a good amount of polymer adhesive and push the boards together until the area is covered. Do not put adhesive between the T&G joints.
  10. Work your way down the stairs to the bottom floor or use the Stair Klad Bottom Bullnose Step for cladding bullnose steps.

View the video below for more information on StairKlad:

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


Stair Klad Stair Cladding Specification

  • Supplied lacquered in clear satin finish
  • Extension Boards 1220 Wide x 200mm Deep x 13mm Thick
  • Engineered Boards with Softwood Core and Solid Oak Wear layer
  • Tongue and Groove on two long edges for use with 1000mm and 1500mm Treads.

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


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