Real Oak Staircase String Veneer For Side of Stairs

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Real White Oak Staircase String Veneer with adhesive back. Manufactured from white oak to match stair cladding and stair parts - Supplied in a continuous 4.2m length

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Real Oak Stair String Veneer

This product is manufactured from real oak and is supplied in a continuous 4.2m length.

Real Oak String Veneer is supplied with a heat activated adhesive on the back of the wood. Use a hot iron to melt and activate the adhesive as you apply the veneer to the side of your stairs.

Using Stair Klad and some basic DIY skills you can completely refurbish your softwood staircase in a matter of hours.

The veneer is supplied with a self adhesive backing and is applied to the old surface with a hot iron. Ensure your old surface is sanded to a smooth blemish free finish then apply the veneer using a hot iron placing a cloth or paper between the iron and veneer. DO NOT USE STEAM.

For best results cut a sheet of this plywood or MDF to the size of your string then iron the veneer to it. Then fix the board with the veneer to the side of your stairs.

Finishing String Veneer

The oak String Veneer is supplied unfinished ready for finishing in a product of your choice. This is real wood OAK veneer.

View the video below for more information and an easy guide on how to fit StairKlad.

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


Real Oak String Veneer

  • Real White Oak Timber Veneer
  • Heat activated adhesive
  • 4.2m of veneer in a pack
  • 250mm wide.

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings StairKlad Instructions manual from here


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