When you purchase mouldings with Blueprint Joinery, we are confident that we will go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to customer service. This is down to our uncompromising ethos to deliver the right product; at the right price, at the right time, every time.

High quality timber mouldings, offering reliability, style and perfection

Attention to detail is very important to Blueprint Joinery and our collection of timber mouldings is no different. We know that detail can make the difference between something looking good, and something looking perfect. As we are perfectionists, we deal only in the best quality products and use only the finest craftsmen to create all our timber mouldings. We are proud of our extensive wooden mouldings range as it showcases our love of the little things in life, and how they can make a big impact on our living.

Transform a living space with beautifully crafted timber mouldings

Our beautifully crafted wooden mouldings are made from the highest quality timber and an attention to detail can transform a living space from acceptable to magnificent. Whether it is architrave and skirting to hide those little gaps between walls, door frames or floors, or coving to soften the square edges of a room or simply for decorative use, Blueprint Joinery has it all.

Timber Mouldings made from the highest quality timber

In line with our commitment to quality, Blueprint Joinery only provide products that are made from the finest quality timber and have been responsibly sourced. This includes a range of timber mouldings carefully sculpted from top timbers such as pine, oak, light hardwood and red hardwood. As well as a number of products created from contemporary non-timber materials including aluminium and PVC. Thus ensuring you have plenty of choice to create a living space which resonates style and quality from top to bottom.

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