HDR Profile Level Quarter Turn - Horizontal Turn Select Timber

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The pre-formed 90 degree bend used on the landing to turn the HDR profile handrail back across the landing area - Select timber type

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HDR Horizontal Handrail Turn 

This handrail fitting is designed to turn your handrail through 90 degrees from the top newel post back across the landing

This is for Cheshire Mouldings HDR HR profile Handrail  only and may not be suitable for other makes of rail. 

This pre-formed 90 degree handrail turn comes with fittings to secure the turn to the newel post and to the handrail. This Horizontal handrail turn can be cut to length to adjust how far the handrail comes out from the newel post. 

The Horizontal turn often abbreviated to "HT" simplifies the fitting process, doing away with the need to create your own bend during installation. 

We recommend that the first spindle from the newel post is situated up to the HT to give additional support and strength. 

 The Horizontal handrail turn is designed to fit to the side of a newel post and turn the handrail back across the landing are doing away with the need for a double newel post, saving both time and money during fitting. 

This Horizontal handrail turn is universal and can be used for either left or right hand turns. 

Stair Case Building Regulations 

IMPORTANT - Spindles should not be spaced more than 99mm apart to meet current building regulations.

Current building Regulations state that a sphere of 100mm in diameter should not be allowed to pass between two spindles. 

Handrail height needs to be a minimum of 900mm. Measure from the floor to the top of the handrail on the landing area and measure from the front of a tread to the top of the handrail on the stairs.

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


HDR Profile Handrail Horizontal Turn 

  • Measures 175mm x 175mm
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You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


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