Mopstick Handrail - 54mm

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Mopstick Handrails used with wall brackets to create safe and stylish handrails that can be used on the stairs or landing areas. Select the Timber and length you need

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Mopstick Handrail 54mm

The Mopstick handrail has a flat bottom for fixing to wall brackets or spindles.

These mopstick handrails are connected to the wall using wall brackets and can be finished at the ends with stylish chrome, Brass or Black end caps

Select the length or rail you need from 1800mm, 2400mm, 3600mm or 4200mm

Please remember to drill pilot holes before inserting screws into all timber. This will stop the timber rails from splitting and also stop screws from rounding off or shearing

Mopstick Handrail Fitting Advice

Stairs narrower than 1000mm require a handrail on one side, stairs wider than 1000mm require a handrail on both sides

We recommend finishing your rail before fixing to the wall

  • Measure your wall to establish the length of your Mopstick Rail
  • Cut your rail to length
  • Make sure you keep within 1000mm between Wall brackets
  • Measure up 900mm from the front of the step at the top and bottom of the staircase or from the floor on the landing area
  • Mark the wall where the brackets will be secured
  • Pre-drill the wall and use suitable fixings for the wall type
  • Fix the wall brackets
  • Offer the mopstick rail onto the wall brackets and mark the screw holes on the rail
  • Drill pilot holes into the mopstick rail
  • Screw the rail to the wall brackets


Pine Mopstick Handrail

  • 54mm Diameter Rail
  • Flat bottom for fixing to wall brackets of for fixing spindles
  • Available in 1800mm 2400mm 3600mm or 4200mm lengths
  • White Oak Hardwood
  • Pine Softwood


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