10 Types Of Decorative Wood Moulding For Your Home

Jun 21 2019
We sell a wide variety of skirting board and architrave here at Blueprint Joinery

We sell a wide variety of skirting board and architrave here at Blueprint Joinery

Ever thought about decorating your home and adding value to it while on a budget? Why not add a touch of class and character using decorative wood mouldings. Wooden mouldings are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home without spending much; they are the perfect way to hide the imperfections around the house. Mouldings are typically manufactured using five primary materials, including MDF (medium density fiberboard), pine, oak PVC and aluminium. The positioning and use determine the type of moulding used. This article will guide you on the different types of decorative mouldings available on the market:

1 - Door and Window Casings

Also known as a trim, this type of moulding is used on window and door frames to cover any unfinished gaps. The width can be either two or three inches, though there are different styles of door casing available on the market. The trim also protects the plaster walls, especially around an interior doorway. While today most door and window casings are made of wood, historically the material was stone or marble.

2 – Skirting Boards

Also known as baseboards, skirting board measures between three and five inches and are used in trimming walls where they join the floor to give a defining line to the flooring. There is a mixture of different styles, including rounded, ornate and flat. Skirting board serves the purpose of keeping gaps between the floor and the wall hidden.

Skirting board generally have typical variations depending on the country. For example, in China, the skirting are usually very low in height, are made of plastic or redwood, and have a very simple or unprofiled design. In contrast, in the UK, there are a vast number of profiles available. These profiles are frequently named after the period when they were developed, such as Victorian or Edwardian.

3 - Crown Mouldings

Also known as cornice mouldings, crown mouldings are used to decorate the transitional area between the ceiling and the wall. They help make the intersections between the walls and the ceiling look flawless across all surfaces. Crown mouldings are not usually placed flush against the wall or the ceiling. Instead, when viewed from the moulding's end, the ceiling and the wall form a "hollow" triangle. As you can imagine, installing crown mouldings is not an easy process as it requires complex cuts to form corners where two walls meet.

4 - Picture Rails

The last thing you want to do is to drive nails into your beautiful walls. That is where the picture rail moulding comes in. It gives you a way to have your artwork hanging around the room without having to drive a nail into the walls. It is usually used in conjunction with crown mouldings, and approximately seven to nine feet from the floor.

5 - Dado Rails

Also known as a chair rail or surbase moulding, dado rail is a decorative moulding fixed horizontally to the wall which is used to protect the wall area from scratches and scuffs by movable furniture. Traditionally, people would fix dado rail 24 inches from the floor or about one-fifth the height of the room. Modern trends lean more towards a height of 36 inches; based on the assumption that its main purpose is to protect the wall from chair backs.

Dado rail can also be used to break the monotony of a single paint in the room by breaking the wall area into two sections.

6 - Cove Mouldings

Cove mouldings, a slightly less elaborate type of crown moulding, is also used at points where the walls meet with the ceiling. Unlike crown mouldings, a cove moulding typically has a concave-type profile which makes it great as corner guards or to hide joints. It can also be used on stairs where treads and risers meet.

7 - Egg-and-Dart Mouldings

Egg-and-dart or egg-and-tongue is an ornamental moulding consisting of an egg-shaped object alternating with an element shaped like an arrow, anchor or dart.

8 - Bead Mouldings

Bead moulding is a row of small, symmetrical spheres often paired with spindle, leaf or dart designs. It can be used in combination with dado rail or crown mouldings to decorate a room.

9 - Dentil Mouldings

Dentil wood mouldings consist of small and evenly spaced block patterns, often found in historic buildings and homes. Dentil mouldings are typically used in conjunction with crown mouldings.

10 - Batten Mouldings

Batten mouldings (or batten trims) are thin strips of trim used to keep the joints between pieces of panelling hidden.

If you thought you were not dealing with enough options as it is, you could also accessorise your mouldings for a more stunning look around the home. Accessories include rosettes, plinth blocks, divider blocks and intermediate blocks. Rosettes are used to change the directions of mouldings of the same size, for example, the top of a window. They are corner blocks. Plinth blocks, on the other hand, are used different-sized profiles such as wide baseboards and narrow door casings. Divider blocks and intermediate blocks are used during installation to ensure the straight running of the moulding.

We offer a wide range of decorative wood moulding here at Blueprint Joinery.

We offer a wide range of decorative wood moulding here at Blueprint Joinery

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