An LPD Door For Every Need

Nov 17 2016

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, you will find that different areas of your house require different styles of doors. Be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the living area, the bedrooms or the garage, every space needs a door to separate it from the other areas. You will find countless types of interior doors to choose from for your home, which may leave you confused. To make your decision easier, check out some common types of LPD Doors for your home, below.

An LPD Door for All Tastes

White Moulded

Despite the numerous options available, those looking for cost-effective and quality doors go for white moulded doors. They are readily available everywhere and are best suited to any type of area.

They look good in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, drawing room and any other room in your house. Moreover, they are simple in design, with many having lines on them or other patterns, at most.

The reason these doors are so popular with and often installed by homeowners is that they are versatile and complement most interior décor schemes.

Contemporary Oak

If you are seeking a contemporary and modern look for your home, opt for contemporary oak doors. They provide exceptional value for money, helping you achieve a sophisticated look with a reasonable price tag.

These doors are a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens and any other area in need of a sturdy door. They are constructed from natural timber and have an exceptional finish. The clean lines and fine shine of this wood gives a modern and elegant look to every room of the house.

Room Dividers

As you might have guessed from the name, room dividers are normally used to divide more open spaces in the home.

Such partitions are ideal if you are looking for a sleek and practical way to divide your dining area from your living room, or similar. Room dividers are a go-to option for open plan homes in need of defined spaces. They even look good in the kitchen, which may adjoin other rooms like the lounge or dining room.

Additionally, these doors have beautiful transparent cuts; some across the length of the doors, and some in square or decorative shapes. You can also find these cuts in translucent or glazed, as well as transparent designs. Also, the doors are built with fine wood, and are mainly available in a white or hardwood colour.


These are one of the most common types of LPD doors used for external areas. With Enduradoors, you need not worry about security. They are made using hardwood and have a really tough base and solid core, so they ensure safety and security.

These doors have a really desirable and modernistic look, with colonial style tops coupled with semi curved or glazed outlays.

Even though these doors are built with fine wood and natural timber, you will still find that they are available in a variety of different colours, including white, red, blue, green, black and brown. They also come in many unique designs and patterns.

You can make a statement by using these doors for your home’s main entrance; having a beautiful and intricately designed door will instantly make your front entry more stylish.

There really is an LPD door to satisfy any need and style. So whatever your specific requirements, be sure to browse our collection of LPD doors and find the one that fits your home perfectly. Of course, if you’d prefer some guidance or a professional opinion, you can always get in touch with the team here too.

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