Metal Stair Spindles - A Buyers Guide

Aug 06 2019
Black metal stair spindles in a room

Metal stair spindles are a great alternative to timber and glass stair parts.

Metal stair spindles have been really popular in 2019, this article takes a look at why. A staircase occupies the most prominent position in a house and perceived by many as the main focal point of a home. With this in mind, selecting the right stair spindles - and other balustrade components - are of great importance. If you are searching for something affordable which looks great, is safe for all the family and requires very little in terms of maintenance, metal stair spindles are an excellent option. Gone are the days where you would see metal spindles purely in an industrial setting; they are gaining much popularity in stair renovation projects also. Why are they so popular?

1 - Metal Stair Spindles look great in a variety of unique designs

If you want the focal point in your home packed full of character and quirkiness, metal stair parts are a perfect take on a rustic and traditional feature that will fit nicely in both a contemporary and traditional setting. They can take on a simple design such as square or rounded, or a more ornately curving design such as Elements Black Iron. They can be mixed with glass or even timber to create that real wow factor. Whether you want soft and elegant or square and hard-edged, metal should always be your material of choice.

2 - They are tough and will last for years

Metal stair spindles are built to last. Unlike timber stair parts, they are not vulnerable to changes in the environment and will not bend nor warp. Metal is tough, durable, and will last for years which makes it a great long-term investment and cost-effective option if you are in the stair renovation market.

3 - They are easy to install and versatile

In particular, the Black Iron Balustrade system has been designed to give a modern look to your staircase without the need of fussy connecting brackets. The iron spindles slot into the pre-grooved handrail and base rail and are then secured using a bed of silicon that sits between the solid oak fillet strips supplied. This system can be used with any newel post in any timber - new or existing - allowing you to mix oak rails with white painted posts for example.

Leaving your existing newel posts in place makes the job quick and easy, refreshing your staircase in a matter of hours. With a reduced installation time means reduced costs, sounds good right?

If you are planning to use an existing handrail and base rail, please take a quick look at the below video for some helpful tips and guidance:

4 - They are low maintenance

Metal will always win over other materials when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. If painted correctly, your spindles will not rust or fade.

When it comes to buying and installing metal spindles or any other stair balustrade component, it is important to consider building regulations. You should always ensure any structural additions to your property meets all the current regulation for safety and to avoid having to make costly changes later on in your project. For further guidance and more in-depth regulatory help, please see Approved Document K (available from or get in contact with a local building inspector. You can find below some common regulation points (for domestic staircases only):

  • Staircases should have a maximum rise of 220mm, minimum going of 220mm, and a maximum pitch of 42°. These measurements are for domestic staircases only. If the staircase in question comes under the category utility or general access, these will be different.
  • Staircase steps should all be level.
  • If your staircase is less than one metre wide, you will need at least one handrail. Any flights over one metre will need a handrail installed on both sides.
  • Handrails on stairs and landings should have a minimum height of 900mm
  • Stair Spindles of any kind should be no further than 100mm apart
  • You are required to have a minimum of 2,000mm of clear headroom above the pitch line.

For more information on our metal stair parts please check out our metal and glass balustrade category area here on the Blueprint Joinery website. You can find some of our latest styles below:

Contemporary Square Black Iron

Our Contemporary Square Black Iron Balustrade range balances the timeless luxury of classic materials such as oak and iron with versatile modern designs to fit any home. Well-engineered and easy to install, these strong staircases can be painted and tailored to complement your existing interior. Contemporary Square is the ideal range if you are looking for a bold mix of modern and traditional style. For more information on this range, click here.

Contemporary Round Black Iron

Similar to Contemporary Square, Contemporary Round Black Iron Spindles balance the timeless luxury of classic materials such as oak and iron with versatile modern designs to fit any home. We stock two styles in this range; straight and wavy. You can see examples of both styles above. For more information on this range, click here.

Elements Black Iron

If you are looking for a mixture of old and new, then the Richard Burbidge Elements with Black Iron Balustrade range is for you. Combining White Oak Handrails, Base Rails and Newel Posts with Black Iron Metal Stair Spindles, Elements has the best of both worlds for those looking for a unique look.

The Black Iron Spindles themselves are supplied in packs of 3 and are available in a choice of 6 designs ranging from plain to rather ornate. For more information on this range, click here.

Contemporary Axxys Evolution

Axxys Evolution is a sleek, contemporary stair balustrade system, merging modern Chrome and Brushed Nickel Connectors with timeless, high-quality timbers. You can choose to keep your current newel posts in place and replace your rails with the Axxys Evolution range of spindles and handrail connectors or opt to revamp your whole staircase. For more information on this range, click here.

Contemporary Solo

The Solo range is one of a kind. The clean lines in this collection draw your eye to beautiful metallic detail which is available in either chrome or nickel. All of the stair parts included in this collection can be integrated with other Blueprint Joinery stair parts for a look that blends contemporary and traditional styles to deliver a truly unique finish.

For more information on all the metal stair spindles we sell, please check out our metal and glass balustrade category area here on the Blueprint Joinery website. If you require additional help or would like someone to assist you in planning your stair renovation, please get in touch either by email ( or by telephone (01691 671 020).

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