Adjustable Sliding Bevel for Stair Angle Cuts

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Use the adjustable sliding bevel to measure your stair angle and then cut your handrails and spindles to the correct angle.

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Adjustable Sliding Bevel for Stair Angle Cuts

This simple tool allows you to find the angle of your stairs and then mark your spindles at the same angle so the fit neatly into the hand and base rail.

Hold the wooden handle against your newel post and adjust the blade to run up you stair string, tighten the blade so the angle is secure. Place the bevel up to your spindles and mark the angle. Cut the spindle along this mark.

Use the same process to mark your handrails and base rails.

We recommend cutting 1 spindle then offer it up to the rails, sliding it from the bottom up to the top of the staircase within the rail grooves. This will tell if your rails are running parallel. Adjust your spindle length if necessary.

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Adjustable Sliding Bevel for Stair Angle Cuts

  • Adjustable bevel with polished hardwood stock
  • Solid Brass end caps and adjustable wing nut
  • Blue steel Blade
  • 190mm
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