Renovating A Cottage Staircase – Traditional, Contemporary Or Modern?

Oct 27 2020
A glass cottage staircase design with oak floor and oak doors.

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Choosing a new design for a cottage staircase can sometimes be a difficult task. For example, most cottage stairs have plain timber treads and risers housed in conventional strings, so intricately turned spindles and newel posts can often seem out of place. If you are unsure, the best answer is always to keep the renovations simple. Whether you go traditional, contemporary, modern or you're working with a small stair space, Blueprint Joinery has you covered. Check out our latest article today.

Traditional Cottage Staircase Ideas

There is a high possibility that you may have purchased a cottage because you love the warm, homely feeling that a traditional property offers. If this runs true with you, it is important that fittings and furnishings bear as much traditional styling as possible to retain the cottage feel and environment. With a cottage staircase, Blueprint Joinery recommend square spindles, newel posts and handrails such as Plain Square, Stop Chamfered, Regency Plain Square and Provincial styles that we stock here on our website. These styles are simple, elegant and stylish in design. They are available in a wide range of timbers - from quality oak to the more affordable pine and hemlock.

Stop Chamfered range of staircase parts in a home setting. We stock the spindles, newel posts, newel caps, handrails and base rails here on our website.

Stop Chamfered range of timber stair parts.

Contemporary Cottage Staircase Ideas

If you are looking for something a little more intricate in design, contemporary styles might be more suitable where a contemporary look mixes well with the traditional feel of a cottage. We recommend checking out the Rope Twist, Barley Twist and Square Twist range of staircase parts.

Rope Twist range of staircase parts in a home setting. We stock the spindles, newel posts, newel caps, handrails and base rails here on our website.

Rope Twist range of timber stair parts.

Modern Cottage Staircase Ideas

The brave might opt for something more modern in design including metal and glass stairparts such as Reflections, Contemporary Clarity or Axxys II all of which we stock on our website. A modern interior décor can go hand in hand with the traditional appearance of the outside of a cottage home.

Reflections Glass range of staircase parts including both glass and wood. We stock the glass panels, newel posts, newel caps, handrails, base rails and brackets here on our website.

Reflections range of glass and oak timber stair parts.

Cottage Staircase Ideas For Small Spaces

When you live in a small space, the last thing you want is a bulky staircase taking up precious square footage. In instances where a traditional staircase might not fit, a wall mounted handrail is a great solution that takes up very little space, is aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

Wall mounted handrails have become more and more popular over the years due to the elegant designs and ease of installation. Blueprint Joinery offers a stylish range of solid timber handrails in a choice of different timbers, ready for you to paint or stain. Complete the look of your handrail with end caps and brackets and choose from short, medium or filigree end cap styles to add a contemporary or detailed finishing touch. Click here for more information on the wall mounted handrails we stock.

The Axxys wall mounted handrail kit fixed to a white wall in someones cottage home.

The Axxys Wall Mounted Handrail Kit is ideal for small cottage staircases.

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