Why is Rustic Oak Flooring so Popular?

Jun 06 2018

Out of all the flooring options available on the market, rustic oak flooring seems to be at the top of everyone's wish list and what we currently sell the most of here at Blueprint Joinery. Oak is a wood associated with a very rich history, having been used in flooring, furniture and building décor for many hundreds - if not thousands - of years. It is considered a premium quality wood throughout the UK and has been the interior timber of choice of many illustrious buildings including House of Commons, Windsor Castle and Pilton Barn (in Glastonbury).

So, after all these years, why has oak stood the test of time as well as it has, and why is it still such a popular flooring material today with the consumer? If you are considering investing in a rustic wooden floor, take a look at the benefits that oak offers below:

1 - Extremely hard and durable

Oak is classed as a hardwood timber which makes it extremely hard wearing and naturally resistant to knocks, scratches and dents. With a high density (0.75 g/cm3) and tannin content (extremely resistant to both insect and fungal attacks), oak is not known to warp or split, making it just as much of a go-to material for achieving a flat, stable floor, as it is holding up the roof to a house. Because oak is so durable, Rustic Oak Flooring can be resurfaced and refinished ten or more times; the fact that you can still purchase 250-year-old-plus reclaimed oak beams is a testament to how long this type of timber can last when looked after. Generally speaking, even though the upfront price tag of oak timber costs more than other flooring solutions, oak floors is a highly cost-effective option in the long term.

2 - Never seems to date when it comes to interior fashion design

Oak timber provides a timeless, natural look which works just as well with contemporary as it does traditional interior designs. Whether you're renovating an old floor in a period property or trying to add additional character to a new one, you can rest assured that oak flooring is the ideal choice that suits all scenarios and colour schemes.

3 - Versatile

Due to its natural light tones, oak can easily be finished and coloured to provide an infinite range of looks depending on your own personal tastes and the existing interior in your home.

Rustic Grade UV Lacquered Oak Flooring.

4 - Looks better with age

Oak timber is very similar to a good red wine or a whisky; it improves with age. As time goes on, the grain profile and colour will get richer and richer. For customers who want this aged look more quickly, we recommend a 'fuming' process using a strong ammonium hydroxide solution to circulate and permeate the wood. The chemicals react with the wood and the grain profile and timber darkens over time. There are plenty of companies which offer this service.

5 - Rustic Oak Flooring at Blueprint Joinery

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