Go the Extra Mile for Your Home

Nov 14 2017

When you think about how much your house does for you, isn’t it about time that you went the extra mile and gave back to your home?

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Sprucing Up Your Home This Autumn

Oct 26 2017

Autumn is often remembered as the season of change. Should we be taking a cue from this age-old wisdom and incorporate change into our lives as well, particularly our homes?

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Give Your Home a Seasonal Makeover This Autumn

Oct 12 2017

Summer is over and now autumn is here in all its glory. With a cosy feeling and warm, fiery hues all around, why not reflect this season's colours in your home?

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Glass Decking

Sep 26 2017

Without the proper care, even the best glass decking can become just another forgotten feature, covered in water stains and more. However, all it takes is a little TLC to return your decking to its former glory.

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Why You Might Need New Stair Cladding

Aug 29 2017

Do the steps on your staircase look tired and worn out, a mere shadow of what they once were? If so, it is probably about time that you invested in some stair cladding to breathe new life into your home.

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Looking After Your Home this Summer

Aug 15 2017

While we may find ourselves out and about a lot more during the summer months, we should always look to maintain high standards at home.

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Why You Should Trade Wood in for Glass Balustrade

Jul 25 2017

One of the key home design trends over the last few years has seen homeowners trade in wooden staircase parts for glass balustrade, but why have so many made the change?

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The Top 5 Summer Home Improvements for Homeowners

Jul 13 2017

Summer is here and the sun is out, so wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t welcome in the natural rays of sunlight with open arms?

In order to help you redecorate your home to experience summer to its fullest, we have listed what we believe to be the top five home improvements that homeowners can make, ranging from brand new staircase parts to simply opening up the rooms.

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Why You Need Glass Decking this Summer

Jun 20 2017

Do you feel that your outdoor living space lacks character? If so, then you should look into investing in glass decking this summer.

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5 Uses for Understair Space

Jun 15 2017

Staircase parts are the key to a stunning staircase, but it is easy to overlook the space under the stairs when redecorating or redesigning your home. 

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