Simplicity Budget Stair Square Newel Post 82mm select Full or Half Post

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Only available in Pine Full newel posts are used on new staircases or when replacing the entire newel post. Can be used at the bottom and top of the stair case - Select Full or Half Post 

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Pine 82mm Plain Square Stair Newel Post 1460mm

These budget Simplicity newel posts are only available in Pine 

Complete newel posts are designed to fit to new staircases or for renewing old newel posts

This Simplicity Budget Post comes with a moulded top so there is no need to have newel caps 

The complete type newel has been designed for new build staircases or to replace your entire newel post

Complete Newel posts are supplied in two profiles, each with it specific purpose on a staircase

The full 82mm x 82mm Full Newel. This is the most commonly used post on most stair configurations. It is designed for the bottom of the stair case, top of the staircase, used as mid posts and corner posts on a landing. 

The 82mm Half Newel Post. Used up against a wall to finish the handrail run. This post is fixed by screwing and gluing it directly to the wall using suitable fixings. Screws should be positioned so that they are hidden from view by the handrail. 

Fitting Simplicity Square Newel Posts  

Newel Posts are fitted first followed by base rails and handrails.

Remember that handrail heights need to be 900mm. 

The bottom post is housed over the stair string (the side of the staircase) and fixed into position fixing through the side of the post and through the string using tapered dowels or suitable wood screws. Screws should be countersunk into the timber so they can be plugged or filled to match the timber 

Top posts and landing posts are fixed using a lap joint to the joist under the floorboards at the top of the stairs and secured using suitable wood screws. Remember to always drill pilot holes into hardwoods. 

You can use Zip Fix UT Newel Post fasteners if you prefer. These secure the post to concrete or timber sub floors 

Half newel posts are glued and screwed directly to the wall. Place the screws through the head of the post where the handrail will cover them 

We recommend laying out your stair components to ensure handrail heights are 900mm before you cut any existing newel posts 

Staircase Building Regulations 

Handrail have to be a minimum of 900mm high for domestic staircases 

Handrail heights on the staircase are measured from the front bullnose of a step to the top of the handrail.

Handrail heights on the landing are measured from the floor to the top of the handrail 

Spindles must not allow a sphere 100mm in diameter to pass between two spindles 

If you are unsure, please contact us or your building inspector for new builds 

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


Simplicity Square Newel post 

82mm x 82mm x 1460mm 

Complete with moulded cap 

You can download the Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Fitting Instructions manual from here


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