How to Fix a Handrail to a Newel Post

Jul 13 2023

Using a few tools, a basic knowledge of wood joinery and some newly purchased stair balustrade, refurbishing the look of your staircase can be very easy. A common question we get asked at Blueprint Joinery is how to fix a handrail to a newel post. This article looks at the different types of handrail bolt kits we stock here on the website that will help make fitting a handrail to newel post super easy.

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How To Refurbish Decking on a Budget

Jun 02 2023

Deck refurbishing is usually as easy as a simple clean and refinish. But if you’ve found damaged parts or you're planning to change the look of your current decking, you will need to replace your components. In either case, we are here to help. Find our useful renovation tips to spruce up your decking area on a budget in our latest article.

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Newel Post Cladding Buyer's Guide

Apr 22 2023

Give your old Newel Posts a brand-new look with our high-quality Solid Oak Stair Newel Post Cladding. This Cladding Kit provides the perfect, seamless finish to your Newel Posts. When finished, this Cladding looks stunning with new timber, glass, or metal balustrade. From buying to installation, you'll find it all in this Buyer's Guide.

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How To Build a Door Canopy Roof Yourself

Feb 24 2023

Building a door canopy is a simple way of protecting your exterior door from the elements. However, paying someone to fit one isn't cheap. Most people don't realise that it's quite doable to build a door canopy themselves. This article includes helpful tips and advice to guide you through your first door canopy project.

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Let Blueprint Help Plan Your Interior Design Project This Winter

Jan 27 2023

Feeling overwhelmed or just struggling to find the time when it comes to renovating yours or someone else’s home this winter? Whether you’re a homeowner, DIY enthusiast, home renovator or tradesperson, we can help take away some of the confusion and time required planning a new renovation project. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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Homeowner's Basic Door Hardware Terminology Guide

Sep 21 2022

Replacing or ordering new door hardware can sometimes be a little confusing. Whether you’re exploring the world of door hardware online or at your local home improvement store, it helps to be able to understand some of the product-specific terminology and industry jargon. We hope this article will increase your understanding and make product selection easier.

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Glass Balustrade Clamps - A Buyers Guide

Aug 20 2022

Glass balustrade in 2022 seems to be becoming more and more popular in a variety of different commercial and domestic settings. To keep the glass in place, we recommend quality glass balustrade clamps. This article looks at the uses of glass clamps, the advantages of glass clamps and the products we stock here on the Blueprint Joinery website.

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Outdoor Decking Finishing Guide

Jun 25 2022

Once you have fitted and fixed your decking, you’ll need to give the product the best possible treatment and then maintain it in order to protect it from the harsh weather. This article looks at the different ways to finish and maintain your outdoor decking.

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What Is The Purpose Of Stair Nosing?

Jun 02 2022

Many people often wonder what is the purpose of stair nosing and why it is such an integral part of staircase design. In today’s article, we look at what stair nosing is, and what is the purpose of stair nosing. Read on to find out more.

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Metal Stair Spindles - A Buyers Guide

Mar 16 2022

If you are searching for affordable stairs parts that look great, are safe for all the family and require very little in terms of maintenance, metal stair spindles are an excellent option. This article looks at the reasons why metal stair spindles are so popular with our customers.

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